As part of our "Alumni Quotes Series by PIMA-UAE", we would like to introduce another eminent member Dr. M.J.Mohamed Sharaaz (DBA) He is an accomplished Business leader in business technology domain with over 30 years of experience in Sri Lanka, UAE and Qatar. He had studied at Trinity College Kandy, Sri Lanka and conferred a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Walden University-USA. His study was on the Dubai market, focused on how businesses managed to stay profitable in a hyper-inflated economic environment. He holds his MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management- Sri Lanka and has recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business from Emeritus in collaboration with Colombia Business School and MIT-USA, to understand the technology and its disruption, opportunities and strategic directions of future organizations and leadership. He was the President of Trinity College OBA, UAE Branch and a member of the Sri Lanka Business Council in UAE. We are proud to have you as PIMA-UAE alumni.
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